• You must sign the liability waiver BEFORE getting on the dock.
  • Please abide by the posted times on the website.
  • No pushing your dog in.
  • No abusive behavior toward animals or people attending the practice.
  • One dog off lead and on the dock at a time. All other dogs must remain on a leash 4’ or shorter. Dogs
    must be kept 8' apart.
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Flat buckle or cloth­only martingale collars only allowed on the dock
  • Spectators are welcome at no charge.


  • If a competitor brings along a signed membership form and appropriate fee, they are immediately considered a member once they are handed to the Practice Organizer and may practice during this time.
  • If a competitor wants to wait until they see if their dog likes it, they are NOT a member and cannot jump at this time.

**Exception to member only time – If all members are finished using the dock, non-members may then start their part of the practice early.


  • Verify every person (themselves included) signs the waiver before getting on the dock.
  • Sign the waiver as the Witness and their Title is Practice Organizer.
  • Fill out the Description/Location of Practice for insurance purposes.
  • Make sure the date is on the form.
  • Collect $10.00 from non­members and verify members are active from the database on the Members Only Page or a printed list.
  • Collect any new membership forms and payment.
  • Provide a couple extra poop bags.
  • Provide a plastic grocery bag or two for full poop bags.

Mail waivers, membership forms and payment to:
Jenn Hrebik
6201 Hillview Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22310

Printable version of the above Guidelines