If you're looking for information on how to get involved with dock diving you've come to the right place!

At all DockDog events there is a 40 foot dock with a 40 foot pool.  The dock is 24 inches above the water, this is the standard distance the remains constant for judging purposes.

To begin the first thing you need when attempting your first few jumps off the dock is a floatable toy.  Any toy that floats is acceptable by DockDog rules.  The best toy to use is one your dog is wild for, that way when you throw it in the pool he actually wants to jump in to get it!  Making sure your dog has some "toy drive" and enjoys the water are two key components with DockDogs put those two together and you've got a great dock diving combinations.

Handlers may use any technique to get their dog into the water, we do not allow, pushing, pulling or throwing of the dogs into the pool.  This will result in a no score in an event.  You may however lay down on the dock, splash the water and make as many encouraging sounds/motions as you like!  You may use any throwing technique as well.  Some people prefer the chase method and have their dogs sit at the end of the dock and dive into the pool while the toy is in mid air.  Other people prefer a "fly ball" method of throwing the toy, taking the dog back on the dock, revving them up and releasing the dog.  The trick is to try out various methods and see which works best for you and your dog.  The only rule about this is that in competition you only get 60 seconds from when your dog sets foot on the dock until the dog is in motion into the pool. If it takes you longer to get the dog in at this point there will be a Timeout.

Distance is measured from the base of the dog's tail.  At club events they are judged manually by two certified judges, at a National event they are judged electronically by a computer that freezes frame by frame.  Both methods are very accurate.

Once your dog has figured out the name of the game you can take the time to perfect your own skills such as throwing....any handler will tell you "it's all in the throw"!

There are only a few simple rules you need to remember:

  • When not on the dock, keep your dog on a leash (no longer than 4 ft.) or in a crate. No retractable (flexi) leashes.
  • Your throw object must float and not be edible or anything that is live or has been live.
  • Only one handler on the dock at a time.
  • No training collars allowed on the dock, only flat­ buckle and material­only martingale collars are allowed
  • No pushing your dog off the dock
  • No abusive behavior toward dogs, other competitors, or workers
  • No dogs in heat
  • Keep your dogs at least 8’ from other dogs
  • Only the dog on the dock may be off leash
  • You must clean up after your dog at BOTH the event area and hotel
  • You, or a representative, must be at the judge’s/handler’s meeting in order to compete in that wave
  • What to bring
Most of all, Have Fun!