Thank you for your interest in the Chesapeake DockDogs Club.  We’re always happy to meet new people and their dogs.  We are a group of DockDogs enthusiasts working together to promote the sport.  The more local, active clubs we have participating in DockDogs enables us to have fun, quality events near your home.

For the dates of the next meeting or practice, check the Future Events and Practice pages of our website,  We are continually working on updating the site with new member information and other features.  Or, feel free to email one of the officers listed below for more information.

Another good source of information is  We are listed in the Forum under DockDogs Affiliated Clubs, Chesapeake DockDogs.   The DockDogs site will keep you updated on all available events, provide training advice, and you’ll be able to get an answer to every dog-related question you can think of.

Print and fill out our membership formOur 2018 membership fee is $50.00 per household – please return the attached form with payment if you would like to join.  However, please feel free to come to a meeting, practice, or event to meet everyone and see what’s going on without becoming a member.  Visitors are always welcome!

Thank you for your interest!
Frank Moraff, President


President –Frank Moraff (
Vice President – April Reish
Secretary – Elise Richard
Treasurer –Jacqui Reardon