Extreme Vertical is the high jump for dogs.  The bumper hangs 8’ away from the dock and can be anywhere from 5’ and above the top of the dock in two inch increments.  The dog is given the option to use 20’ of the dock to run, jump, and either grab or knock down the bumper.  They pick their starting height and are given two tries at each height.  If they miss two grabs in a row they are eliminated.  The score for the event is their highest successful grab.  If you have a successful grab at the event, you receive at least a participant ribbon.

This article will give you more information on Extreme Vertical (EV) :

Here is a quick overview of “Extreme Vertical” rules and regulations, a full set can be found at www.dockdogs.com

• Cadet division will have a starting height of 4'6" feet, the top gun division will have a starting height of 5'6" feet. All teams must select their starting height prior to the start of competition.
• There will be a one minute time limit per attempt in all rounds.
• A team will be allowed two attempts at any given height to achieve a successful height, except during a tie where teams will get one attempt at a successful grab to break the tie.
• Two consecutive failures regardless of height disqualifies a team from further jumping except in the case of a jump off for a first place tie.
• The team that has won the competition may have one attempt at a personal best at the height of their choice.
• Passing is available until there are 3 teams or less


Divisions / Titles
Jump Height Range
Cadet Up to 5'11"
Top Gun 6'0" and above

Short video of Cali (Handler: Frank Moraff) at an EV Practice


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