Meet the Silver Valley Labs dock star, Zoe "Little Bit of Superfly". Zoe was born in March of 2013 to Bella and Levi. This feisty little babe showed such spirit and tenacity that we knew she would be a natural at dock diving, a sport her new adopted brother Jack was just getting started in. Little did we know those gorgeous zombie eyes would lock on to a dock bumper and shoot her straight to the winner's circle! Zoe has quickly worked her way up through the Big Air divisional ranks and at just over a year old is consistently logging Senior jumps with the promise of more distance on the near horizon. She really excels in Extreme Vertical where Zoe is reaching heights of 7 feet after only 2 months in this discipline, far surpassing most of the dogs with ten times her experience. Her stellar performance is earning her top rankings as an Iron Dog, which consists of dogs who can master all three of the dock diving disciplines. This little super star is a shining example of meticulous breeding, canine athleticism, and the pure joy and love that makes her truly Labradorable.

Handler: Gary Foote