Big Air Master, Regional
- May 2008 (Steve), March 2009 (James)
Big Air Master, National - June 2008 (Steve)
EV Cadet, Regional - March 2009 (James)
EV Cadet, National - September 2008 (Steve)


Big Air - 24' 4"

Extreme Vertical - 6' 2"

Speed Retrieve - 6.64 sec

2008 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:

Biggest National Jump - 23' 2"

Biggest Jump at a Chesapeake Event - 24' 4"

5th Place Most Feet Jumped in 2008 at Chesapeake Events - 303' 2"

National Iron Dog


46th Overall Big Air - 22' 8.6" (7th Master Titled)

44th Overall Extreme Vertical - 5' 8.7" (3rd Cadet Titled)

63rd Overall Speed Retrieve - 7.53 sec

21st Overall Iron Dog

5th Chesapeake Bay Retriever - 22' 8.6"

2009 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:

Youth Handler National: James Sozio & Twister 20'9"

Youth Handler Regional: James Sozio & Twister 22'3''

Twister, a sedge-colored Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was born on October 13, 2006.  Her name comes from the tornado of energy that she always has.  She has been a great family dog with a wonderful, friendly personality.  Like most Chessies, she loves to swim and retrieve.

Twister's first event was in May 2008, where we all were immediately hooked.  We joined Chesapeake DockDogs that weekend. In 2008, we traveled all around the US, having fun and meeting new people and dogs along the way.

Youth Handler James, one of the youngest handlers in DockDogs, made his debut November 2008.  In one weekend, he already surpassed some of Mom's and Dad's best jumps.  He had a blast being handler for his doggy friend, and appreciated all the encouragement from fellow competitors, spectators, and family.  Twister looks forward to jumping and swimming some more with everyone in the family in 2009.

Handler: Steve, Heather & James Sozio 

Twister Twister
Twister Twister
Twister Twister
Twister Twister