Senior National Title
- August 2007
Senior Regional Title - July 2007
Junior National Title - June 2007
Junior Regional Title - May 2007

2008 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:
Top Regional Veteran Dog - 18' 8"
National Veteran Dog - 10'

2007 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:
Veteran Dog - Tasha - 9 years young
Most Improved from 2006 National - James Linde & Tasha - 10' 6"
Over 5' Improvement During 2007 Regional - James Linde & Tasha - 8' 5"

2007 National Rankings:
170th Overall Big Air
- 17' 11.4"
51st Senior Titled - 17' 11.4"
25th Labrador Retriever - Chocolate - 17' 11.4"

In Memory of Tasha

After her leg injury, Tasha returned to the dock and fought a brave battle but finally lost her fight to cancer on 11/06/08 at the age of 10. She is survived by her human dad Jim and her dog brother Harry.

Tasha, a Chocolate Lab born in New Canaan CT, attended her first DockDog event in September 2005 but refused to jump.  She had her first jump at the National Event in Chesapeake VA in October 2006.  Tasha's National Personal Best is 15' 10" jumped in Manheim 2007 where she earned two legs toward her Senior National Title.  Her Regional National Best is 17' 5" earned in Salisbury, July 2007.  Jim and Tasha made the long trip out to Rogers, Minnesota In October to compete at the 2007 Nationals.  They encountered cooler weather and in the pouring rain on Sunday, finished 4th in the Veteran Finals while meeting a lot of people they would never see otherwise.  Tasha ADORES her duck and enjoys anything Jim likes to do.

Tasha Tasha
Tasha Tasha