Junior Regional Title - September 2007

2008 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:

Over 5' Improvement During 2007 Regional - Tracy Williams & Tanner - 8'

2009 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:

People's Choice Awards: Best Dog Smile

Over 5' Improvement from 2008...5' (15' to 20')

Handler: Tracy Williams

Visit Brody, Tanner's brother

Tanner, a Yellow Lab, was born on February 2, 2004. He started doing little jumps off a dock at Lake Anna a few times in the summer while visiting his Grandma and PapPap in 2006. He entered his first event ever on April 1, 2007 in Frederick, MD. He won first place in his wave and second place in the Novice finals. A very exciting way to start! His personal best is 16'10" in Suffolk, VA but he is working hard to be able to jump bigger than his brother Brody. Tanner loves chasing his lab brother Brody, begging for cookies and sleeping in his arm chair, dreaming of really big jumps.