Ryleigh is a 6 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier. As a puppy she always loved to play fetch and her big brother taught her how to swim which she soon became just as fond of. A friend told me about dock diving and I thought Id try it with her. We started out at about 6 mths old and she was too afraid to jump off the dock. I waited until she was a little older and with a little more practice she finally did it! She jumped 10 & 11 feet at her first competition and the rest is history. She now has a junior title and a personal best of 15'8". We tried out speed retrieve for the first time this summer at Cabela's in DE. She is a super fast swimmer but didn't quite get the hang of finding/getting the hanging bumper. In practice she wouldn't even jump off the dock but I figured Id go ahead and give her the chance. First jump she went in, started to go for the bumper but couldn't find it and turned around. Second jump she found it and got it in 9.4 seconds making 6th place express! I was so proud of her! We are still working on speed retrieve-she has trouble finding the bumper in a pond. That is our goal for next year! 

Handlers: Sarah Hughes