Darwin was born on 04/15/2014 in Allendale Michigan. He is an Australian Cattle Dog that enjoys spending his days on his full time job as our resident goat herder and protector. When he is not doing that he likes to pretend to be a Lab and play in the water. Darwin has competed in exactly three events and at first would not even jump into the clear cold pool in Oct 2015 at the Whitetail Resort event. He later loosened up a little and got a ribbon for jumping say about 8.2 feet. The little brat ate the ribbon on the way home. Darwin has steadily improved and currently consistently jumps 18-20 feet in Big Air. Darwin has never jumped in EV officially but he did try his first SR at Fairfax. Darwin may not be a threat to win any events or travel too far to enter them but you may see him from time to time just having fun out in the water. Darwin plans to enter the Iron Dog from here on out.

Darwin’s Personal Best
  • Big Air 20”1’ (Fairfax).  
  • Speed Retrieve 8.541 (Fairfax)
  • Extreme Vertical 5“8’ (unofficial)

Handler: Mike Tracy

Darwin Darwin