Cash was adopted from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter in May 2011.  His birthday is 12/22/2008. Cash is the reason his family joined DockDogs since he needed an activity to direct his abundant energy.

As of July 2011 Cash could not swim and would not get in the water.  A year later, he holds club and national titles in all three disciplines, has placed first in both IronDog Warrior and IronDog Titan, and has an invitation to the 2012 World Championships for Speed Retrieve. 

Big Air: Club Senior
Big Air: National Senior
EV: Club Cadet
EV: National Cadet
Speed Retrieve: Club Turbo
Speed Retrieve: National Turbo

Personal Bests
Big Air: 19ft 9in
Speed Retrieve: 6.738
EV: 6ft 0 in
ID: 2897.70

Handler: Tamra Spink