Buddy, our Chocolate Lab was born June 23, 2009 at Sly Fox Farm. He came from a litter of one and started off life a little on the chunky side with no siblings to compete with. Buddy loves taking swims, playing with his tennis ball and taking long walks with me through the woods in late winter looking for shed deer antlers. Buddy made his first jump off a dock at one of the practices in the spring of 2011.  And finished 4th as a Novice at Puppypalooza with a jump of 5'-11".

Buddy continued to slowly improve through 2011. He had a jump of 16'-9" at the Lilypons PondFest in September then a 17'-8" jump 2 weeks later in Tuckerton, NJ. He finished the 2011 season with a personal best jump of 20'-1" in the Senior finals at the Easton Waterfowl event where he came in 4th.

2013 was a bad year for Buddy. In January he tore his ACL and required surgery. He was back on the dock in November for the 2013 Easton Waterfowl Festival jumping 17' 2".

2014 has started out well for Buddy. At the Celebrate Fairfax World DockDog jump he came in 1st place in the Amateur division with a jump in finals of 18'

Since then most of Buddy's jumps have been in the 13'-17' range. That is until the 2016 KDD Codorus Event where he surprised everyone and popped out a personal best 20'-10". Hopefully there are more jumps like that left in him but I will be perfectly happy with anything he does.

Most Improved 2011 - Regional - Improvement of 14'-2"

Personal Best - 20'-10" 2016 Codorus

Handlers: Rob Holtz & Denise Holtz