Brody, a Black Lab, was born on August 4, 2006. When given the chance to try out jumping at Pawsabilities 2007, he decided he liked the spectator view better. Boy, has his attitude changed! This year at Pawsabilities Brody jumped his personal best of 18' 11". What a great start to the season. He likes play fighting with his lab brother Tanner, would play ball forever and swimming. You can usually hear Brody at Dock Dog events long before you see him due to his excited cries. He is know as "Bouncing Brody" because of the little bouncing moves he does while walking by the pool and waiting in line for his turn to jump. Look for more big jumps in the future!!


Junior Regional Title - September 2007

2007 Chesapeake DockDogs Awards:

Over 5' Improvements During 2007 Regional - Tracy Williams & Brody - 8' 1

Handler: Tracy Williams

Visit Tanner, Brody's brother