Bradford is the big man of the pack. He is a six year old Fox Red Labrador. He was adopted from Lab Rescue as a 10 month old (90 lb) "puppy" on Thanksgiving Day 2005. Boy, was the mother-in-law happy when we showed up for TDay Dinner with him! You would think that with the size of his paws and mouth that he might be a tough guy, but we think he may just be full of butterscotch pudding on the inside. Bradford is known for standing up in the pool and his ability to fetch in any surf, no matter how rough. The practice this October was the first time Bradford jumped off anything other than a couch or bed. Bradford plans to compete with his boy as a junior handler or with his mom in Big Air. He doesn't really care if he wins, he just wants to be with his family and if DockDogs is their thing, he is game.

Handler: Tamra Spink