Hurricane Bella Lady Maryland-"Bella" was born from a long line of National Field Trial Champions from both parents. Her Pedigree also contains many JH, MH and SH certifications. She was born on May 25, 2012, from parents Take Me Now Or Lose Me Forever and Mittimax's Winning Ticket of Beadle Retrievers (South Dakota). She has been upland bird hunting since she was 6 months old and after the hunting season this year we found a dock at a local park and tried some dock jumping. The water was freezing cold but she loved it so we searched out and found Chesapeake DockDogs. Bella has a Facebook page ( where many people have enjoyed watching her grow up by watching the videos and pictures that are posted of her activities. We hope to add some pictures and videos of some dock dog practices and competitions soon!

Handler: Kevin Ruark


Bella Bella