Chesapeake DockDogs Participants
2007 Super Retriever Series
Louisburg, NC

Louisburg NC - March 23 - March 25, 2007 - Only two teams from the Chesapeake Club were willing to go all the way to North Carolina near Louisburg at the Jumpin Run Farm to attend a Splash Dogs event - Carly Keane & Daisy Lou and Sharon Rodgers & Thunder.  The weather over the weekend was as beautiful as the setting where the event was held.  We were joined by two VERSUS network tv stars - Angie Jones & Nestle and Scott Conrad & Reggie - who appeared on two episodes of the Super Retriever Series.

This was Daisy Lou's first outdoor event and she just had to make a SECOND run for freedom.  She went around the pool several times and thru the crowd making lots of friends until she was finally caught by Carly.  She seemed to jump even bigger after she warmed up.

Daisy Lou's was ranked 5th going into the Amateur Finals with a score of 15' 1" and she placed 7th in the Amateur Finals with a 13' 2".  Thunder won the Amateur Finals with a jump of 19' 5" which earned him an invitation into the Pro Finals.  He finished 8th in the Pro Finals with a score of 16' 6".  We had two very exhausted pups with all the open dock time available.  Click here for more club details.

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 19' 3"
1st Place - Amateur Finals

The Barn

Carly Keane & Daisy Lou - 15 ' 2"




Exhausted Daisy Lou


Exhausted Thunder