Chesapeake DockDogs Participants
VA Outdoor Sportmen's Classic
Roanoke VA

Roanoke VA - August 10 - 12, 2007.  Four teams from the Chesapeake DockDogs Club drove to Roanoke VA to attend this event:  Carly Keane & Daisy Lou, Carly & Diego, James Linde & Tasha, and Sharon Rodgers & Thunder.  The heat was almost unbearable for the weekend, but we all felt like kids again when the event staff broke out the slip and slide for people and their dogs to walk thru in the parking lot.  What a great idea to cool off both dogs and people!!  The Chesapeake members were joined by two Keystone members:  Angie Jones with Nestle & Mercy and Kellie Wisotzkey with Clay.

Lil' Miss Daisy Looouuu had another career first - she competed in Super Vertical.  She started out with a 4' 3" grab in practice on only her third try.  Carly went running across the parking lot waving her $20 above her head to sign Daisy Lou up for the event.  Daisy Lou had successful grabs at 4' 6" and 4' 8" and Carly was so excited she was jumping up and down while Sharon almost lost her voice.  Moving up to 4' 10" Daisy missed the first try and managed to finagle her SIXTH ESCAPE ATTEMPT at an event.  She flew around Carly and three other people, onto the dock, and made another try for 4' 10" all on her own without being lined up and missed.  Daisy Lou did beat Thunder - he made a clean grab at 5' 8" in practice and missed both tries at 5' 10".  After following Daisy Lou's escape example, Thunder made it up onto the dock past handlers and workers and grabbed 5' 10" on his third attempt which unfortunately didn't count.  Thunder and Daisy Lou are looking forward to Frederick next weekend to compete in Cadet EV with the big yellow lab, Buddy.

Three of the four teams from the club made it into the finals.  Sharon & Thunder qualified for the Pro Finals with a 20' jump and finished 2nd Place in the Pro Finals with a 20' 8" jump.  Carly & Daisy Lou qualified for the Open Finals with a 17' 4" jump and finished in 3rd Place with a 16' 4" jump.  Jim & Tasha also qualified for the Open Finals with a 16' 3" jump and finished in 7th place with a 14' 8" jump.

Diego, Daisy Lou's big brother, made his second appearance at an event and received a new Personal Best of 2' 10" - a full 22" longer than his first jump.  Diggs' 2' 10" jump was also the shortest jump of the weekend.  We're so proud of him actually jumping!  Carly & Daisy Lou and Sharon & Thunder also earned their Senior Dog Titles.  Congratulations to all the competitors and we hope to see you at the next event. 
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Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 20' 8"
2nd Place - Pro Finals

Carly Keane & Daisy Lou - 17' 3"
2nd Place - Open Finals

James Linde & Tasha - 16' 3"
9th Place - Open Finals

Carly Keane & Diego - 2' 10"

Carly Keane & Daisy Lou - 4' 8"
9th Place - Super Vertical

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - missed
10th Place - Super Vertical