Chesapeake DockDogs Participants
2007 Golden Liberty Leap
Reinholds PA

Reinholds, PA - June 30 - July 1, 2007.  The people at Delaware Valley Golder Retriever Rescue were great to work with and their venue was perfect - fenced in so no one (Daisy Lou) could escape and plenty of trees and shade to go around.  Judy Huss, as a member of both groups, worked really hard to get this fundraiser going and judging by the crowds it was a success.  For more information on DVGRR or to make a donation please go to

Tracy Williams & Brody made their DockDogs debut with two Junior jumps of 13' 8" and 11' 10".  Brody previously suffered from stage fright and was NOT jumping off that dock for anything!  This weekend he decided to show up his housemate Tanner by jumping further.  We look forward to seeing some more competition between the two.

Carly Keane & Lil' Miss Daisy Lou got a new Regional Personal Best of 20' 8" and FINALLY got to jump in the Top Twelve with the BIG DOGS and her Thunder.  Terri Keiffer and Scram also got a new Regional Personal best of 22' 5" AND earned their Regional Master Title.  Daisy Lou and Scram also tied for fastest dog at 28 mph and had a speed-off during the finals.  Daisy Lou won with a 27 mph & 23 mph against Scram's 25 mph & 23 mph.  Both dogs are looking forward to a rematch at the next event.

Chesapeake had three teams in the Pro Finals.  Sharon Rodgers & Thunder finished in 6th Place, Terri & Scram in 7th Place, and Carly and Daisy Lou in 12th Place.  Congratulations to everyone on their finals finishes, new personal bests and NEW titles!  For more information click Club Stats or Complete Event Results.

Terri Kieffer & Scram - 22' 5"
7th Place - Pro Finals

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 22' 2"
6th Place - Pro Finals

Carly Keane & Daisy Lou - 20' 8"
12 Place - Pro Finals

Kevin Simpson & Reese - 15' 4"

Tracy Williams & Brody - 13' 8"

Tracy Williams & Tanner - 10' 2"

Don't Get Between Me & My EV Bumper!!

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 6'
3rd Place - Extreme Vertical

Brody's first victory swim.