Chesapeake DockDogs Participants
2007 Codorus Summer Blast
Hanover PA

Codorus State Park - June 22 - 23, 2007.  The weather was perfect along with the setting at Codorus State Park for the North/South Challenge.  Keystone won the challenge with 244.57 feet jumped by their top twelve dogs versus Chesapeake's 218.61 feet jumped by their twelve dogs.  However, when we factored in all 25 Keystone dogs, we found the average jump for Keystone was 16.76 feet and for Chesapeake's twelve dogs it was 18.22 feet.

Brian Rutledge & Mishka earned their Regional Master Title this weekend AND got a new Regional Personal Best of 22' 11".  Also earning their Regional Senior Titles were Katie Brinton & Reggie, Kevin Simpson & Reese, and Peggy Toms & Tally who jumped to a new Personal Best of 18' 10".  More teams jumping to new Regional Personal Bests were Peggy Toms & Kai with 23' 8" and Carly Keane & Lil' Miss Daisy Looouuu with 20' 3" after stealing Thunder's toy for luck.  Ryan Bell & Daphney did their very first DockDogs jump at 6'.  We're looking forward to seeing this team improve.

In EV this weekend Thunder Boomed!  He started out at 5' 4" and the boy kept going all by himself, increasing by 2" increments, until he hit 6' 6" and Nestle jumped in.  Unfortunately, Thunder (& Sharon Rodgers) just barely missed 6' 8" on his second try and didn't get to go on and compete with Nestle & Reggie.  Maybe next event!

Daisy Lou made a FOURTH run for freedom at this event.  It was quite amusing as she went running thru the crowd saying hello to everyone but staying just out of reach.  After a good five minutes, it only took about 20 people to corral her and get her back on the leash.  She also influenced Walker (Don Bara) into making a bid for freedom but he didn't have enough practice and was quickly caught.

Chesapeake had four teams in the Pro Finals starting with Brian & Mishka in 5th Place, Peggy & Kai in 7th Place, Nathanial Brinton & Reggie in 11th Place, and Sharon & Thunder in 12th Place.  In the Senior Finals Carly & Daisy Lou finished in 4th Place and in the Junior Finals James & Tasha finished in 1st Place.  Congratulations to everyone who competed and we hope to see you at the next event.  For more information, click Club StatsNorth/South Scores, or Complete Event Results.

Peggy Toms & Kai - 23' 8"
7th Place - Pro Finals

Brian Rutledge & Mishka - 22' 11"
5th Place - Pro Finals

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 21' 11"
12th Place - Pro Finals

Nathaniel Brinton & Reggie - 21' 4"
11th Place - Pro Finals

Carly Keane & Daisy Lou - 20' 3"
4th Place - Senior Finals

Katie Brinton & Reggie - 19' 9"

Peggy Toms & Talley - 18' 10"

Brett Tarun & Lacey - 17' 11"

Kevin Simpson & Reese - 17' 3"

James Linde & Tasha - 16' 9"
1st Place - Junior Finals

Craig Martin & Guinness - 9' 6"
Ryan Bell & Daphney - 6'

Sharon Rodgers & Thunder - 6' 6"
3rd Place - EV

Brandy Fowler & Buddy - 5' 2"
4th Place (tie) - EV