2006 Club Practice
Mt Airy MD

The Chesapeake DockDogs held their first practice in October.  Over 20 people with even more dogs showed up for the chance to jump their dogs off the dock.  Buddy, Lacey, Mishka and Thunder showed them what it was all about.  Some dogs came to practice, while other were newbies who had never jumped before.  By the end of practice, all the dogs were wet, happy, waggy and tired!  The free swim time at the end was a complete madhouse but so much fun.

All the People

Catching the Elusive "Big Yellow Lab" Fish

Look Out Below!!!

Land Training

Mishka Flies

Daisy Lou - Walking on Water!


Belly Flop!

Crooked Buddy.

Dock Diving


Thunder Booms!

Buddy loses his toy.

Daisy Lou - Toy Thief!!